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в небо на воздушных шарах

Magic balloons!

One day, on my way home, I ran into a big air balloon who, on his own, walked on the road and caused a misunderstanding, followed and smile on all the other. As it turns out, a little girl walked proudly behind the ball. The air ball was a lot bigger than her, and first the baby wasn't seen for it. The girl with the good screams, she let the balloon go, she caught it, she pushed it, she squeezed it. When I was passing the girl, she whispered something like "Clear" and let go of the ball, and then, for a long time, she was after:

All the rest of the way I've been thinking about where the baby knows about my favorite ritual, and why I decided to make a wish to let go of the balloon. Of course, she may have been told by adults, but most likely she just felt it was necessary, because children were much more sensitive to the Tonca World than we did. And as you've already guessed, today's speech. It's about balloons.more about their rituals. Well, I couldn't write a different story after the above-mentioned stage, if you'll excuse me.

If you don't mind, I won't write about a ritual where we write a wish on a balloon and let him go to heaven, even though he's my favorite. He's called Dracon Feng Shui. A sea of pleasure and positive emotions guarantee! Plus, the desires that have been made in this way are certainly being fulfilled! Well, if you're going anywhere, you can always send a balloon on our website, on the left menu, under the heading "To make a wish."

I'll tell you about another ritual, but it's also very fun and useful.

Ritual to attract the DEA (or...)

First of all, we should explain what mysterious “or” means in parentheses. It is that the ritual can be conducted not only to attract good luck, but also to attract love, happiness, money, health, etc. This ritual works for everything you can get.

For the ritual, you will need balloons filled with helium (minimum 2 per person, but the more balloons, the better), pen and any of our closest or friends. An important feature of the ritual is that it cannot be conducted alone, only in a company of at least two or three people.

Ritual needs to be held until it's dark, even if it's 9:00 p.m. on the clock, but the window's bright, great, you can start boldly.

So, invite some friends or family, turn on some fun music. By the way, the best thing for this is either dynamic maths or child songs like Smile.

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