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8 best practices for children
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Recently, scientific holidays have become increasingly popular. For children, learning experiences and experiments are something magical, incomprehensible and interesting. Being a magician and making kids a real holiday is easy. That's what you need every day.

We have gathered eight top experiences for children that require no special training and almost no material cost.

A tea bag

Experience: We'll cut the package carefully on the one hand and get the tea out of there. Remove the bag, give him the cylindra form and put it on the tray. Let's light the bag on top and wait for it to take off.

Explosion: Because of the small mass of the package, the flux of warm air starts to fly.

Soap bubbles on the freeze

We'll need:

soap bubbles
Mobile weather

Lesson: We're putting a soap solution on a strong freeze and blowing bubbles. There are small crystals that are rapidly growing and finally discharged at different surface points. If the weather isn't very cold and the bubbles don't freeze, we'll need a snowflake as soon as the soap bubble blows out, throw a snowflake on it, and you'll see how it slips down and the bubble freezes.

Explosion: With the freeze and contact with the snow, the crystallization process begins at the moment, so the soap bubble freezes.


We're gonna need:

glass of water
ice cube

Leaving ice in water. We put it on the edge of the glass so that it's one end on the ice cube on the surface of the water. Now we put some salt on ice and wait five to ten minutes. We take a free end of the string and pull the ice cube out of the glass.

Disclosure: The salt, when it comes to ice, is a little bit of a hustler. For 5 to 10 minutes, salt is dissolved in water and clean water on the ice surface is frozen with thread.


red paint
washing machine

Experience: We make a cone with a cut-out potato, we put an empty tank into it, we blind the record with plastic so it looks like a mountain. We'll build a plate or a tray to avoid contingencies.

We're gonna put soda in the tank inside the volcano, red paint, pour water and add a drop of dishes. We laugh, then we give the kid a little bit of a table oak from the bottle and enjoy the sight.

Explosion: When soda and vinegar are touched, a rapid reaction begins with water, salt and carbon dioxide. Gas bubbles push the contents out.

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