Air Balloons In The Planeta Sharikov Ru

9 May soon!
Воздушные шары для компании

Совсем скоро 9 мая!May 9th, and the sky takes off balls.
May 9 is all smiles, flowers.
May 9 and tears and joy in the eyes
And the happiness of victory will remain in our hearts.

May 9, let the pigeons in the sky spin!
May 9, we remember your stance, soldier!
May 9th, the sun bleeds the Order.
Thank you for the world! Let the country salute you!

There will be 9 May, one of the most important and solemn holidays in Russia.
On this day, we pay tribute to the people who have shown heroism for future generations many years ago.
9 May is the symbol of victory, and this holiday is always celebrated with scale.
All cities in our country have celebrated scenes that have been stolen from balloons, as well as balloon and fountain columns.
from balloons in Russian flag colors. Helium balloons of white, blue and red flowers rise up in the air.
There are large-scale public flag, streets and houses in the areas.
They are formed by special balloons by 9 May, black and orange balls, just like georgian ribs.

And of course, this day will be the launch of thousands of air helium balls into the peaceful sky.
The normal balls will fly in the afternoon, and the light balls will be launched tonight, especially for this great holiday.

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