Air Balloon Unit

Air ball attacks
Арка из воздушных шаров

Gain management: You're in charge of defense with a mouse. You press the tower and move it, click on your chosen position along the road.

You're uploading a new GAME by preparing to defend the path of gray stoves leading to a magic country. We need to destroy the warrior balloons moving on the road that want to take a wonderful world. You have a series of defensive towers destroying balls. By pushing the icon with the tower image, you open a panel with the operational characteristics of this fire unit. When the lines of defence are strengthened, press the Start Round, launch balloons

The towers shoot automatically as soon as the ball enters the area. Successfully destroying balls, you make scores. These funds are used to buy new towers. Choose the most effective fire points, setting out the most advantageous positions of the fire front, as the balls with each stage are increasingly aggressive and rapid - except the reds, the blue, green and yellow balls come out. Every ball that passes the road takes life.

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