Air Balloon Price

Air balls, grammar balls
праздничное украшение · шарики

Office repairs, baths, cottages, apartments and production facilities. Lots of experience, safeguards, cash and cash. Assistance in the purchase of material at best prices.T: 6

Good afternoon, do you have any camouflage balls? Price?

Good afternoon, do you have balls of numbers 7 and 3?

Good evening! Can you tell me the cost of the balls of inflated helium?

Do you need balloons to get out of your mouth with names if there's a store?

Good morning. 15 balloons Helium, different colors. I'll take it.

Hello, Anna. We need nine bright, flying balls. At the DDR, daughter, but there's a way to deliver them and to give them home at 0800 in the morning, to the address. Mom and Dad are on mission, at work. Grandma's daughter.

Good afternoon. I'm wondering where we can get the balloons? Is there a zonal, rainy, new saint?

Good afternoon. I'm interested in the price of two kinds of discharge from your photo album: five of your butterfly balls and a bouquet bee.

Now! We'll sell a book for 300 roubles instead of 450 p. 2p. 27.02, call 5

March 8th is the holiday where the focus is on women who are loved. On this day, we need to congratulate them on a special occasion, give them an extraordinary gift. The balloons are a nice gift for the main spring holiday, a great decoration for any room, corporate holiday or family, restaurant or canteen, house or office. Here, you will buy the most air and most beautiful gifts on 8 March for your favorite women!

Congratulate your men - originally steal the holiday with balloons! Here, you will buy the most air and the most beautiful gifts on 23 February for your favorite men!

Valentine 200 p.

What can I get for 14 February? This issue is always a matter of concern, both male and female. You run shopping in your bag, you want to find something unusual, attractive. Here, you will buy the most air and the most beautiful gifts on February 14 for your favorite!

Would you like to welcome and surprise your loved ones, give an unusual gift to a close man, make a pleasant surprise to a work colleague? Put the balloons in our store, and we'll get them anywhere in the city. These original air balloons will give you many new emotions that will last long in your memory! Starfleet Studio, 32-33-40, 5

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