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European Ball Festival 2016
15 воздушных шаров

Европейский фестиваль воздушных шаров 2016The 2016 European balloon festival is one of the largest international events of this kind in Europe. It was first held in 1997. This year, more than 50 balloons from around the world went up to the sky.

15 photos

1. The 2016 European balloon festival is held from 7 to 10 July. (Poto David Ramos):

2. Catalonia is the autonomous community of Spain, located in the north-east of the Pyrena peninsula. Air balloons can monitor the local architecture. (Poto David Ramos):

3. This is Igualada, a town and municipality in Spain, and is part of the province of Barcelona in Catalonia. (Poto David Ramos):

Европейский фестиваль воздушных шаров 2016

4. Participating balloons have different forms. There's a bottle flying. (Poto David Ramos):

5. Igualad city. (Poto David Ramos):

6. Lev, with large ears and noses. (Foto David Ramo):

7. Anyone who wants to ride a balloon with a pilot. Many viewers attend this festival for that purpose. This is particularly the case of couples with children. You can fly not only over the airfield, but also over the Pirenas. It's not cheap, but it means money next to the opportunity to see famous ridges from the height of a bird's flight. (Poto David Ramos):

8. (Poto David Ramos):

9. Shar-pingwin. (Poto David Ramos):

Европейский фестиваль воздушных шаров 2016 Игуалада 04 Город Игуалада

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