10 Balloon Experience

Different nucleus simple-science is simple microwave experience (digest #16)
получение углекислого газа

imageThis Digest.Simple experienceIt's not exactly like all the previous ones. It's not about microwave. Today we tried to explain to each experience:Why does that happen?" If anyone has comments or comments, we'll appreciate them.

Today at the microwave:

  • filament lamp and fluorescent;
  • Soap and toilet;
  • Patches with chips;
  • laser discs;
  • metal boilers;
  • Air balloon

Experience can be dangerous not only for health, but also for microwave oven.

Watch 6 videos below.

Why are the lights in the microwave?
The electromagnetic waves penetrate through the glass and, by creating shrinks on the surface of the tungsten, heat it. The knive is stiff and bright. In a bulb with an inverted filament, the microwave produces an electric arc that allows a candle to be seen.

In the fluorescent lamp, the candle is visible by converting ultraviolet radiation into visible light by means of a luminophorus (special substance covered by inner bulb walls).

Why is soap in the microwave?
The main component of solid soap is sodium salts of higher fat acids. There are also water, fathers and other additives (optional).

The microwaves are the first to heat the soap water, and it's, uh, squishy, turning into steam. Gas, growing up, is willing to free itself and to lay a firm foundation around itself. There are bubbles in the mass. Most of them are " broken " and the couples are released, leaving behind a small-scale structure. That's how soap in the no-water environment occurs.

Why is the bag sparking in the microwave?
The standard for packages is a polypropylene film covering the thin layer of aluminium and paint.

The waves don't penetrate the package because they're from the metal layer. At the same time, the surface produces the currents. In some places, there is an electrical arc that creates a lightning effect, a sparkling surface. Metal is warmed up by current. He's being followed by a high temperature internal layer of polypropylene. When swimming, he is bored as an ordinary plastic bottle if he pours a cool boiler into it. Polypropylene begins to bubble and turns a sealed bag into a bag stack (simply a hole). After that, the spark is almost over! Why?

The thing is, now through the holes in the bag of microwaves, they can penetrate and absorb the product, chips. The thermal and electrical load on the package is therefore declining.

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